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Rogue hedge trimmer outrage!

The so called landscape gardener in the employ of the little old lady next door has 'trimmed' our deciduos mixed hedge without our permission, even though I spoke to him part way through about how I was trying to grow it slightly higher, and many of the shrubs being in bud.  What really annoyed me was him saying 'it's not even a very good hedge because it's not all privet it's got holly, nettles and bramble in'.  Yes and hornbeam, quince and various other shrubs perfect for a mixed hedge!  Has anybody else had this probelm and how did you deal with it?


  • The  man is evidently not fit to do anything that demands skill and knowledge. Is there a boundary other than the hedge (i.e. a fence); in other words is it clear that the top of the hedge is yours and not your neighbour's to do what you want with?

    Why did you let him carry on doing what you didn't want him to do?

  • Mrs GMrs G Posts: 336

    There is a short wire fence attached to posts on our side as the previous family had a dog and the fence has some gaps.  As soon as we moved in in April I put bare root plants in the gaps (Field Maple, Alder, Elder, Hornbeam and Hawthorn).  I got brow beaten by his politeness but as he'd already done most of it it would have been a bigger pain if he'd stopped half way.  I just checked it out and he's left the rose untouched and missed some quinces which are just forming, so not a total dunce.  He said it belongs to us and the previous owner used to do it but made out he did a rubbish job and that he'd always go over it with his noisy strimmer.  

    About 8 feet of hedge closest to the house is privet and a lot taller which gives us some privacy.  I was planning on cutting this shorter to marry up the heigh with the rest of the hedge but was waiting until the flowers are finished. I guess he doesn't care because he's getting paid to do as he's told but now I have to go round to the old dear next door and politely but firmly tell her not to have our hedge cut.  For some reason he has trimmed a hornbeam which was just becoming level with the rest of the hedge and is now a random short section.  It will be difficult to tell the old lady who must like every thing trimmed to within and inch of its life that I'm not going to trim until all birds have finished nesting etc.  I think we need to contact someone to legally find out that is our boundary as it's not in our deeds.  Some people just don't appreciate a good hedge!


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