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Help I don't want my plum tree to die!


I am a complete gardening novice so any advice would bre great. I bought htis victoria plum tree last autumn and this spring it came up with leaves and blossomed all great a thought, but in the last few days it has started to wilt and the plums have srivelled up. What am I doing wrong, do I need to feed it? if so what do I need to feed it, am I not watering it enough? is it not getting enough light?  have taken some photos but I am not sure how to load them onto this.

Many Thanks



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  • What is the soil like and how much have you watered it since planting?

  • To be honest I am not really sure, my dad always says it is sandy, I live in Surrey Heath if that helps, I have not been watering it as up to now its seemed to be doing fine on its own. I have only fed it once when i planted it last autumn with bonemeal. I did read that they like full sun and I have just notice that the neighbouring tree seems to be looming over it so I have just gone out and trimmed that back. There is also a young buddlea (not sure of spelling) near to it that seems to be going Bonkers! Thanks

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    New trees need regular and copious watering in late spring and summer for at least the first year of their lives image

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