what to start now for autumn & winter cut flowers

As a new allotmenteer, I am determined that as well as fruit & veg I will have an area for cut flowers/ foilage/ cutting for indoor interest.

What can you suggest I could sow from seed or plant bulbs/corms etc over the coming months for autumn and winter interest?



  • PS- am in south london so relatively protected, albeit on clay soil

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    Try Sarah Ravens  book on "The Cutting Garden"   £25 from her website  (signed copy)   or paperback £15.99 from Amazon

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    schizostylis springs to mind. Will flower right through if winter mild enough. Available in pink and white. Tend to find it with marginal water plants although it will grow in any moist soil.

    Good old daffodils. Should flower in late winter unless we have another year like this one!

    Ornamental cabbages. Come in an array of different colours and forms.

    leucojum vernum. Spring snowflake. Very tall good for cutting but usually flower around March so not sure if too late for what you want.

    Some grasses have lovely heads that can be used.



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    Don't forget that you can cut and preserve flowers and seedheads in the summer and autumn for use indoors in the winter - some ideas here http://gardening.about.com/od/craftsanddecor/a/DryingFlowers.htm but there's lots of stuff on the net and in your local library I'm sure. image

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  • Many thanks for your adviceimage

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