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Mystery bug hardy geraniums ....normally trouble free are under attack from a tiny caterpillar which I do not recognise. It's about 1 cm. long .....sort of greyish and although very difficult to spot,( because so few of them and they tend to curl up ) they are decimating the leaves of some of my hardy geraniums , which are now beginning to look like filigree / lace work. They are eating tiny but plentiful holes in leaves and seem to be starting at  ground level and working upwards....have not yet reached new soft growth.....but it won't be long now!!! How do I control them ?Would prefer an organic solution if possible since I do not want to  affect beneficial insects if it can possibly be helped. Urgent suggestions needed please


  • waterbuttswaterbutts Posts: 1,214

    Do you mean the blue cranesbill type of geranium? Have you seen any pretty little butterflies that are dark brown  with an orange border on the "right" side and a mottled fawn and orange on the "wrong" side? Do the caterpillars have black heads and green/purple stripes? If so, they are Argus butterflies and they also eat rock roses. Enjoy them and forgive their taste in plants - they're just trying to get by! 

  • TallulahTallulah Posts: 38

    Yes I guess blue cranes bill of the plants is called flower ,white centre. As for butterflies...have seen none so far this year,so wonder if its a moth caterpillar...not striped at all...rather non descript....thread like and very tiny and dirty grey in colour....cannot enjoy them since will have no geraniums left soon.....although they do not seem to fancy Johnsons Blue ( which has slightly hairier leaves)or any other  species of plants so far

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