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black fly and Green fly



  • I get rid of greenfly &c. with cayenne pepper in soapy water - always worked so far image

  • Ging2Ging2 Posts: 44

    thats interesting will try that one if they persist ... thank you partridge I realised that although Green houses like moisture so do the pests

    Do you all throw water on the concrete ground in your Green house to keep it at a good moisture level in the sun ?? This was a tip I heard

  • Zoomer44Zoomer44 Posts: 3,267

    Spraying the floor will keep up humidity levels, keeping a watering can full in there will also help with humidity.

  • Ging2Ging2 Posts: 44

    thank you Zoomer sorry didnt respond before email didnt come through xx

  • I always plant Tegetus plants between my tomatoes in my greenhouse, they look quite nice, smell of fox when brushed against, but most of all for the last 3 years i have had NO white fly, bought some sticky strips and hung them, but no flies on them .before i always had clouds of white flie, 

  • Ging2Ging2 Posts: 44

    Thank you for the tips potting shed and Smokin Donkey will try them out.image

  • LurexLurex Posts: 1

    After trying lots of different methods of trying to get rid of these pests, I've finally found something that worked for me ( and other people who've tried it )

    I put an inch deep layer of vermiculite on top of the soil in the pots and hung a sticky trap near the plants to catch the active flies, they take about two weeks to clear altogether using this method so be patient.

    I believe this works because the flies don't lay their eggs in the vermiculite and they don't dig through it to the soil.


  • Is this for fungus gnats Lurex? 

    Great to be able to deter them image

    Gardening in Central Norfolk on improved gritty moraine over chalk ... free-draining.

  • i have been given some seeds to a plant called "the shoofly plant" and i have been toldif you grow one in yr greenhouse it keeps them away. hence the name.. i will be tryingthis out next year.. i have seeds if nayone wants some.

  • ah that sounds amazing! hate those little things! always chomping on my nasturtiums! Let me know if it works at all! I've started trying to plant just any carniverous plant to try and keep thier numbers down... not too much success with that yet though. 

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