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What's digging holes in my garden

Something has dug up my year old Saxifraga and left a hole about 9x9 inches. I've had foxes dig holes like this before but only if I've used fish, blood and bone. Any ideas what it could be? I have replanted some bits of the Saxifaga do you think it will be ok?


  • Badgers??? They love digging holes……. image

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  • A hole that size sounds like something bigger than a cat, perhaps either a fox or a badger.  I don't use fish, blood and bone, because my dog is attracted to it, although I do use bonemeal in the planting hole when I plant something new - she doesn't seem bothered by that.  It could have been a fox trying to get at a small mammal.  If it happens again, you could try asking neighbours if they've had a similar problem.  Hopefully it was an isolated incident.

    I'm afraid I can't help with the saxifraga, I've never had one, but I'm sure somebody who has will come along with some advice.  When my dicentra alba was putting on a lot of growth in the spring, I kept finding it with broken stems.  I think it was probably a neighbourhood cat (which I don't mind - all living creatures are safe in my garden).  I made a little 'cage' around the plant with a small length of clematis netting and some bamboo canes - that protected it whilst it grew.


  • I think the Saxifraga may well be ok. I had one which got very overgrown with couch grass so I dug the whole lot up and replanted some bits. I now have 3 plants where I had one before.

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