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Never liked em' - not proper pets anyway. I have actually had one and appreciate they can be quite cute. However,

I have about 3 cats coming and going in my garden. I am armed with a watergun and have tried cat spray. It annoys me greatly seeing them jumping about amongst my plants particularly the ones i plant to eat such as blueberry, rasp canes etc...and caught them spray there too.

A raised bed ive thought of and do have a few in the garden. But any other suggests? My dad has an automatic ( selfmade ) sprinkler which goes off when they walk about..but aside from going to those measures?

Thoughts? And simple spray..or plant scent they dont like? I can place near fences?


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    IMO all the other gadgets are a waste of money. Your dad has the answer - expensive ( for a ready made one) - Contech waterscarecrow is the one I have and it has more than paid for itself over the years. Attaches to hosepipe and works 24/7. Easy to move to protect seedlings, crops etc. I originally bought it to stop foxes fouling my patio - it has done this and much more. Adjustable so it doesn't affect the birds....can't recommend it highly enough - all reviews on amazon recommend that you don't go for cheaper alternatives as they too are a waste of money or maybe your dad could make you one.


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    Garjobo hi, i can only repeat that useing Jeyes fluid ready to use spray or a can of dilute yourself has been working for me for about 7/8 months ,from 5 deposits a night down to none, a couple of deposits a few weeks ago when i planted something and forgot to spray around it (not too close ), iv fenced our back garden off now as i have a moron cat owner for a neighbor whose cat is out all day and only returns to eat, what kind of a pet owner is that i ask you,whats the point of having a part time cat lodger,anyway were moving enough is enough so i know just how you feel and im pleased to say our new house has NO cat owners close bye, so not expensive to try ( Wilco,s )do it cheap,, good luck G

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    Been following your advice Alan and got some of the ready to use spray although I wasn't sure if it would be as effective as the neat stuff. Just need something to keep semi feral dogs and children out....fence is nearly complete though. image

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    hi i use to have problems with cats before pooing  in my veg patch when there is a balled patch of earth the thing i use is moth balls the white round ones i found them hard to get hold of until i looked on ebay theres loads on there to make them go a bit further i break them up a little with a hammer and scatter them about and to be honest ive never had a problem with them since they are the only thing i use now.

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