Rasied bed walkway problem

Hello all,

Just in the middle of digging over my garden to make a veg patch with raised beds.

I've had to dig the soil over to try and get rid of a nasty horse tail infestation, and i'm not sure what to do about the walkway in between the beds.

I've thought about weed membrane and bark chippings, but any remaining horse tail would not be stopped by it.

I'm considering turf or even a clover lawn inbetween , but i'm new to this and would appreciate any comments/ideas from anyone.

thanks in advance.


  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,115

    Try and avoid anything that grows.  Looks nice, but how are you going to keep it mown/cut?  And it will get worn and muddy in the winter.

  • Good point.  forgot to mention i have heavy clay soil too which wouldn't help.

    Bark it is then.

  • addictaddict Posts: 659

    Instead of weed membrane use driveway membrane. It won't get through that!

  • Sarah 31Sarah 31 Posts: 41

    I have paving slabs between my raised beds, nothing comes through that image

  • it's the edges of the slabs i'd worry about!  didn't know about driveway membrane - thanks for that.

  • Sarah 31Sarah 31 Posts: 41

    I made my raised beds so they fit to the slabs! But with suitable sizes to use as raised beds  image 

  • ninnin Posts: 156

    Built my raised beds this year on a budget. The area used to be membrane and bark chippings for the kids (now grown up) play equipment.

    I used the membrane inbetween the beds and bark chippings.

    Would of originally loved lawn as looks nice or slabs as look so clean cut but now I love the bark chips .

    Bark chips are soft to kneel on , I live on my knees in the veg patch lately.

    When its wet the bark chips are not slimy or muddy and dry quickly.

    Most weeds dont seem to want to grow in the bark chips and what does i crawl all over and squash.

    And last but not least if i spill a tiny bit of compost it dosent need to be cleaned up although big spills still get cleaned away.

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