unwanted grass

i need to get rid of my grass which is now very tall i need to pave my garden as im disabled someone suggested covering with old carpet


  • addictaddict Posts: 659

    Old carpet will work but make sure it is synthetic as the grass will come through rotting wool carpets. Will take quite a while to go using that method. Hope you are not in too much of a hurry.

  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,114

    Cut it to the ground with a strimmer or mower.  Remove all the grass.  When it starts to sprout again use glyphosate spray.  You may need to do it twice.  Leave a good interval between the sprayings so that you can really see where the grass is truly dead.

    If you pave over grass that isn't dead you will run into all sorts of problems, one of which is that you can't see if the ground is truly level which it will have to be before paving.

    Or you can do it the hard way and after mowing get someone to skim off the turf so you get a level surface.

  • jspjsp Posts: 59

    I am trying to remove a lawn just now, but organically, and it is hard going. Are you doing it organically? If you are not in a rush then you could just cover the whole lawn with a double layer of black weed supressing membrane and wait a year. I think that would work, but I am just trying it myself now, so I won't know until next year. I dug up a large part of my lawn, but that is hard going. 

    If you are paving over it, would it make sense to have some rotavate and then flatten the ground, lay double black weed supressing membrane and the lay the paving over it? Where I've laid my membrane the grass is definitely not growing any more, and would only start growing again if I let the sunlight in. If you're going to pave over then it probably doesn't matter whether the grass is actually dead before you pave, as long as the light is excluded. Double membrane under the paving should do this. (Shouldn't it? Grass is very surprising stuff.) 

    If you're not organic then glyphosate would do it, but I'm not so keen on glyphosating very large areas. 


  • I fear that my small lawn was seeded with a grass seed which contained ?couch grass!  When I took over the house six years ago the lawn grass was four foot high and had to be strimmed.  Since then, although the lawn looks fine, couch grass has invaded the borders too.  I have tried glyphosate, digging it out, removing plants over winter etc.  Every summer up it comes again.

    Is the answer to kill off the lawn (I assume the runners are under it) and re seed or turf it?   Help!!  Jane

  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,114

    Jennifer, since when was weed supressing fabric organic or ecologically sound?  It's made from plastic isn't it?

    Having given this more thought, the best course of action is to strip the turf off the lawn after strimming and removing the cut grass.  Stack the turf upside down and then when it has rotted down you will have some nice top-soil for the garden, and a nice flat surface to pave.

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    welshonion: that's a very extreme understanding of organic - I usually assume that I'm organic if I'm not using chemicals that could poison anything. I have a very large and happy population of frogs living under some black membrane in my garden. Your second suggestion is also very effective, and one that I am using in my garden just now. It's quick and hard work, while the membrane approach is slow and easy. Up to the preference of the OP, how much work they are prepared or able to do, or how much they are prepared to pay someone to do. I gather from the OP that they have mobility problems, so heavy digging may not be an option. Good thought though. 

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