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I have lived in the same house that I was born in, for years I did the weeding after my dad couldn't do it any more. Only this year I have decided to take gardening seriously and use the garden to it's full potential and I am thrououghly enjoying it.

I need a greenhouse and wondering where i can buy one a good quality one from. they seem to be very expensive. Wanting to buy new and not a second hand one.

Size: 6 x 8 


  • waterbuttswaterbutts Posts: 1,214

    If you want to spend a few days on your hands and knees with a pathetically inadequate instruction manual and about a hundred bits of metal, plastic and glass scattered around you then I cannot recommend Elite greenhouses highly enough. Hours of fun to be had - and I only bought a 6 x 4! Eventually threw the manual away and built it eye  and guesswork alone.

    Incidentally, if you do decide to build it yourself rather than pay for someone from the shop to do it, I would only say that every part of the frame must be 100 per cent square or the glass won't fit. Oh joy!

  • Go for it Scott... I have just installed my first greenhouse and it has transformed my garden and my approach to gardening. Part GH, part alpine house, and part shed for me to sit in and muse on life and stuff. Why I haven't had one before after 40 years of gardening  is anyone's guessimage The first law of GHs is that when you have got it you wish you had gone for the next size up.image Are your plans ambitious enough?

  • little-annlittle-ann Posts: 878

    i have had an elite greenhouse for many years 6x8, i have just ordered a new one 8x14 whatever you choose wont be big enough.

    so my advice is go for the biggest you can fit in and make sure its TALL enough

  • XX Posts: 707

    Hi Scott, I got an 6 x 8' from Elite Greenhouses and its fine.  We put a good solid base down with hardcore, sand and paving etc and it took OH 2-3 days to assemble the greenhouse, as others have said you have to make sure it's perfectly square and level or you'll have problems fitting the glass.  OH is a stickler for things being perfect so wasn't a problem for us....

  • Scott 42Scott 42 Posts: 5

    Thanks everyone for the advice, much needed as well.

  • hi there everyone. i also would like some advise please as i dont have a lot of cash i was thinking of getting a  poly type with zip door and zip windows for vents. i am new to gardening and only want the green house to over winter plants, i can get one from ebay for a bout 40 pounds.

  • Anthony if you're getting one from eBay for about 40 pounds Go grab it but as far as my knowledge is concern they are just coupons. Also I have done some research work on google and found a vendor ( that can help you out. My talks with them are also in progress though I have not yet finalized anything so I wonder if anyone has any other better option available for me than please do let me know. I too hope to get a greenhouse soon.

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