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OMG.....I've got the bug!!  just harvested my first ever attempt at growing potatoes.I bought the set - a bag, seed potatoes and fertiliser from T&M and planted them and here the result.... 44 beautiful new potatoes and lots of little pea-sized ones..... Will be planting lots next year now and its given me the confidence to try to grow other veg... I would like to ask what was your first veg success and did it also give you the growing bug?? 



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    Runner beans. You will never buy  those beans from kenya when you can have a bowl of runner beans from the garden with a little salt and a knob of butter.

    They are so easy to grow even if you have dreadful soil in part shade.

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    How lovely Lucy - another gardener is born image ((hug))

    It's so long ago I can't really remember what my first proud moment was - it may well have been runner beans like fidgetbones.  

    What I can remember is the day I was hooked by the magic of growing things - my Granny had a gardener called Mr Mattil (no idea about the spelling, it wasn't long after WW2 and I think he was ex Polish Air Force.)  

    I could only have been about 3 or 4 years old, and I saw him doing something in the garden and I wanted to help, but he told me to keep well away because he was tieing long prickly raspberry canes to the wires.  I asked him why he grew such horrid prickly plants.  He said that if I was patient, in the summer he would show me why he loved them.  

    I remembered and he remembered, and one summer day when I was at my Granny's he came to the door and told her he had something to show us.  He led the way down the garden wearing his black beret (he always wore a black beret).  He had a white pudding basin in his hand - then he put his hand into the prickly greenery and picked ............. a beautiful ripe raspberry ........ and put it in my mouth. And we had a whole bowlful of raspberries and cream for tea. 

    I thought it was the most wonderful thing I had ever seen - a prickly bush growing magical raspberries .... I still think it's pretty amazing image

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    what a lovely memory dove

  • I started a few years ago with tomatoes but it was my eldest son (now 18) who said why dont I grow veg instead of flowers so last year was my 1st attempt at potatoes, courgettes, carrots, runner beans,peas so this year I built a raised bed and now have beetroot, parsnips, garlic lettuce and other things and they are all doing well.

    Ive really got the bug now and its sooooo nice just going out and pulling up fresh veg and then cooking and eating them.  They taste sooo much better.

    Most things I've grown from seed so feel really chuffed that now they are veg.. its amazing to me how such a little seed grows into such lovely veg.

    Keep up the good workand enjoy the bounty's image

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    made potato salad with my first pull of charlotte potatoes. lovely

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