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Help with my Jasmine plant!







Hi All,

I'm in need of some urgent advise regarding my beloved Jasmine "Clotted Cream" (aka Devon Cream) plant. I planted it last summer and it's developed into quite a healthy plant (had to resort to a container given the very heavy soil here in Surrey, which has already claimed some young plants). However, both last summer and now this summer, I've noticed a very peculiar problem - a lot of the top young shoots seem to be going very "limp" to touch or turning really crumply, brown/pale yellow. Last summer, I thought that it might be lack of nutrients/feed, but much to my chagrin, the same symptoms have returned! image Not sure if it's lack of moisture, I've been watering it twice a week, feed with tomorite one of the two times.

I'd be very grateful if there's any advise you're able to offer, I'm sure you'll identify with the pain of seeing one of  your favourite plants ailing! I'm so looking forward to the heavenly scent when it blooms!

Many thanks.




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