Can anyone id this cactus



  • Ryan.........can't enlarge your pic but check out Haageocereus versicolor or Notocactus leninghausii.image

  • Thank you Philippa if this helps the cactus is an erect shape and has golden thorns image

  • Ryan.....that fits with both those I suggested but it is difficult to know for sure.  I find quite often the shape can be distorted somewhat if the plant has been forced ( I mean by optimum growing conditions ).  I confess I am always learning about cactiimage

  • Thanks Phillipa I guess I'll have to wait and see but I personally think it fits with the Haageocereus versicolor more image

  • you I think the H. versicolor is the better betimage

  • Thanks Phillipa can anybody share their knowledge on how I can look after it image

  • No difference really on this one Ryan.  An open gritty soil is the main thing.  Depending where you keep it, water very sparingly in the winter months.  Good light is essential.  You can feed every couple of weeks in the summer......there are proprietary cactus feeds but I find Phostrogen works well enough.

    I keep all mine in a cold but insulated  g/h over winter ( but I am in the SWest ) and all go outside from say May to October.  They get watered and fed occasionally during this period. 

    Hope this helpsimage

  • Thanks so much Phillipa you are a great help image
  • My pleasure Ryanimage

    If you want to try something fairly easy which will flower in a year or two, I have some Stapelia variegata.

    Not a cactus as's a succulent with very pretty flowers........the downside is that the flowers smell of rotting meat ( they attract flies which pollinate them ).  So, not a plant particularly for your bedroom as suchimage

    I have both seeds and plantlets and I'd be happy to send you either (or both ) for you to try.  I also have some small offsets of another cacti.......can't think of the name offhand.

    You can let me know by PM if you are interested.  image


  • Thanks Phillipa they sound great but where can you put them? are they somewhat cold hardyimage

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