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Hi. Just joined today and wanted to say hallo. Love the garden, love the plants and love to natter about them. Grow a good range of plants Trees, Shrubs, Grasses etc etc but main interest is hardy herbaceous perennials especially foliage plants such as Hostas, Astilbe, Lysimachia, Rodgersia, Smilacina, Rudbeckia, Kirengeshoma etc etc. Not by any means an expert but have a reasonable experience. Keen 1. 



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    Hi Keen 1, welcome image

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    Hi Keen1, welcome! I'm EXTREMELY knowledgable, myself, but only about what I know. Don't know ANYTHING about what I don't know. Y'know? If you want an opinion about toughies for awkward spots, I'm your gal. And building stuff. And general design / plant combos. Rhodies, alpines, veggies and super-tenders, ask someone else. And I kill houseplants. Not on principle or anything - that's just how it seems to go.. Ho hum.

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    Hi all. And thanks. May I please say that I have been gardening now for 56 years so although far from being expert have learned a thing or two - should be good I think when/if we share our thoughts and experiences etc - looking forward to it. Ref toughies for awkward spots I know a few myself along with a goodly range of other plants - lets jaw - try me. Thanks again and regards.


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    Welcome Keen1 (fab name; sounds like something out of Star Wars)image

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    Oldies but goldies on here. By the way we're all 27.image

    It's not a mess, it's a nature reserve.
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    fidgetbones wrote (see)

    Oldies but goldies on here. By the way we're all 27.image

    Or multiples thereof! image

    Welcome, Keen 1.

    A trowel in the hand is worth a thousand lost under a bush.
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    Verdun, I think my favourite plant combination constantly changes and if I think about it for a moment, it would be height, density and colour looking right and I wouldn't particularly mind what plants give me that combination. Does that make me a complete amateur?image

  • Hi, Keen 1. Welcome. image I am myself 27 - the others are just jealous!

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