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Hi all,

Do you like myself , like to see the roadside verges with tall waving grasses and our wild plants growing and flowering  to benefit wildlife?

Or do you like THE COUNCILS VERSION, cut to the ground benefiting nothing!

If you prefer the former go to PLANT LIFE.ORG to sign the petition to ask councils to leave to grow naturally WHERE SAFE TO DO SO! and save money at the same time.





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    Done, I totally agree. Won't affect my immediate neighbourhood as the farmer mows the verges like a bloody lawn all year. Then the inside edge and sometimes right across the verge is a brown line of dead growth from his sprays.

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    Thanks' nutcutlet

    I have pestered our council for several years,and now they just do one cut at the edge

    of  the road.  ( a small victory! )

    I have  complained about the spraying of poisons around  our town too!

                       (   little steps  )
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    Be aware that verges have to be cut once a year to keep the drains clear.  Ours were done two weeks ago, such a shame.

    I have no objection to their being done for genuine road safety reasons, but where it is not necessary is a disaster for birds and insects and plants.  To see a verge stuffed with orchids close shorn is so sad.

    I am informed that they will do them later and only once next year, to save money.  Here's hoping.

  • I particularly like it when they not only mow the grass verge but also shred all the litter in the process,... such a pretty sight in our countrysideimage

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    ...mixed feelings about verges, but cutting down a meadow which would be full of red poppies, just before they are going to flower... is just unbelievable to me...I'm so disappointed as I looked forward to seeing it so much...

    is there a better natural sight to behold here, than a poppy field...? I don't think so..

  • The end of our garden borders a single-track road with untouched verges which just now look very shaggy in an attractive kind of way. However yesterday I leaned over & removed the seed-heads of the cow parsley having read dire warnings on here about getting them into the garden! 

    We have a drystone dyke, 3' high, so I'm deadheading things taller than that - there's a thistle about to flower; need to monitor that as we get loads of those seedlings in the ground anyway.

    Don't seem to get many "pretty" weeds, unfortunately!

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    Woodgreen wonderboy wrote (see)

    I particularly like it when they not only mow the grass verge but also shred all the litter in the process,... such a pretty sight in our countrysideimage


    Yes WW, we live about as far from MacDonalds as It takes to drive along eating one of their 'meals', the remains are discarded via the car window

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    Salino, why was the meadow cut?  For hay or silage, or some other reason?

    Poppies only appear in ground that has been cultivated, usually for a specific crop.

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    ...oh I didn't know that... I've been here 4 years and the ground has never been cultivated for anything during that time, just overgrown with every weed/wild flower you can think of, and loads of poppies - an old fashioned meadow I suppose... they're not farmers, but nurserymen, so I think all the stuff that's cut is used for compost heap...   last year they left it to grow until the poppies went off, but not this time... they were just coming out...   such is life..image

  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,114

    Yes, but it is sad.

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