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Fig trees

I was thinking of planting a fig tree on my allotment against a water cude that is south facing and wondered if anybody has any advise ?


  • reader44reader44 Posts: 1

    I have found it best to grow figs in containers as they seem to like thier roots restricted. My best result the tree was planted with the top of the root ball just above the level of the compost. I had previously tried to grow figs directly into the soil with very poor results; the container works best for me yielding lots of fruit if only I could get there as quick as the squirrels!

  • Alan4711Alan4711 LincolnshirePosts: 1,580
    Hi Garry ,if you buy a fig big enough to plant straight into the allotment then go to the Royal horti society on the net theirs some really good advise on how ,note the Fig Pit advise and very important the winter looking after advise as this determines weather or not you get fruit,also if later you want to get cuttings (dormant) the simple water in a jar works so well and so easy and free, iv got 9 now in water ready to put into containers then after a year into a pit ,check figs on the net ,loads of advise good luck G

  • GarrySGarryS Posts: 13

    Thanks for your help both. I'll do a bit of internet research and will definitely give it a go.

  • ItalophileItalophile Posts: 1,730

    Figs produce at their best with their roots contained. You can achieve this in the ground by digging out a square hole about a metre by a metre by a metre. Drop some gravel, small stones or broken-up terra cotta into the bottom for drainage. Line the four sides with something like paving slabs of a size that will fit neatly. Refill the hole and plant the fig.

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