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Apple tree, Bardsey Island, yellowing leaves....


   Got a Bardsey island apple tree recently, about 6ft in a pot, soon to be planted out, but has started to show yellowing on the leaves, please see pictures! its still mainly green but there is maybe 10% yellow/ yellowing leaves on the tree.

I have googled a bit but can't quite decide what it might be from the descriptions, it is next to an olive tree that appears to have 'peacock spots' .

what is wrong with the apple tree? and whats the best solution?



  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,580

    It looks like its desperate for a feed. Has it been in the pot long? If its pot grown, it may be pot bound at the roots. I would get it into the ground in a well prepared hole as soon as possible.   I would pick all the fruit off this year as well, so it can concentrate on making new growth instead of putting all it's energy into fruit.

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