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Runner beans

Hi, my runner beans have grown brilliant, I'm due to have what's going to be an earlier crop. They are growing in a big greenhouse. They have flowered like mad. And still continuing to do so. My flowers are falling off in places a little much, obviously I don't want much more of this happening. 

ive been suggested that i give them some lime mixed with water and go along the roots watering them. As it helps the flowers to stick. I thought it was just to do with the lack off bees about But I'm still new to growing So it's all learning More and more.

Any ideas. thank you in advance. Natasha image


  • The flowers need bees to pollinate them-that is unlikely in a greenhouse-they are best grown outside-no amount of watering with anything will help.image

  • It's a rather big greenhouse to. It's 60ft x 34ft so rather a few growing down the central section. I seen two bees in there today but obviously need more image time to go on bee catching duties then ... This could be fun! image

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