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Lucy3Lucy3 Posts: 92

Hope you can help......I have been growing 2 shrub roses in containers for 3 years now and they are fabulous. I top dress them in Spring with fresh compost and sprinkle in a granulated feed.I get such an abundance of the loveliest cream roses.

I have now 'rescued'  3 climbing roses  from our local supermarkets 'damaged' section (although there is nothing wrong with them) and I hoped to be able to train them to scramble/climb over our pergola but not sure if these will also perform well in pots - I was going to buy the largest pot I could so they wouldn't be restricted. Does anyone know if they will be ok in pots also?

Thank youimage


  • donutsmrsdonutsmrs Posts: 479

    I have a climbing  rose in a large pot and it does very well. I have got it climbing up a metal frame i bought that is just pushed into the pot. I grow a lot of plants in pots, I have even got a Silver Birch in a very large container that has been in there for nearly 3 years now and is thriving very well. They just need a little more TLC than plants in the ground, feeding, watering etc. Good luck with yours.image

  • Lucy3Lucy3 Posts: 92

    Aww that's great - thankyou so much. I will be planting it up this weekend and will post some pictures when it's done image

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