unknown plant growing every where-help!

We recently moved to a new house that apeard to have a lot of some type of dead bamboo canes growing in it. I cut to ground level and put round up on stumps, but when spring finally arrived it just started re sprouting with puple/ red buds surfacing from the stumps and it is every where, even drains and cracks on concrete ,even srpouting though a shed I`d put over an area I thought Id cleared . It is like large canes of bamboo with small flowers that haven`t bloomed on the top and grows to over seven foot. Help



  • do you have any pictures?

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    It could be bamboo, or it could be the dreaded japanese knotweed.  look up Fallopia japonica and see if that is what you've got.

    If not, can you post a picture so we can have a better look.

    It's not a mess, it's a nature reserve.
  • It sounds like Japanese Knotweed.  We have the same problem, we've just moved into a house that has it. If it is, the Environmental Agency has some good advice on how to deal with it.

  • I agree it sounds like Japanese Knotweed, if that is the case I think any house survey should have picked it up and brought it to your attention. It is illegal to allow this to escape into the wild so be very careful how you dispose of anything you cut back or dig up as it readily regrows from small bits of rhizome, definitely don't strim it - dry it then burn it and/or get advice from your local authority. Best to spray in September as it takes the herbicide down into the roots as it dies back but may need to do it for several years.

    The Environment Agency website has good information on its control.

  • Hi, I've just posted a reply to someone who also has Japanese Knotweed, her name was Gail Peacock.  Same info might help you.  It should have been picked up on a survey as mortgage lenders don't usually lend on a property with this.  It might not be knotweed though.  Get it identified then take action.

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    Just posted this to Gail Peacock:

    We got rid of ours with glyphosate, double dosage!. First chopped it all down and after that sprayed/filled the hollow stalks and every little leaf that dared to show itself. Took two Spring/Summers but it has definitely disappeared and never came back. Good luck!

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    Just don't put any in the brown bin.  If you cut it down, dry the stems and burn them.

    Good luck.

    I would contact the solicitor who handled the house sale.  You will not be able to sell a house with this problem. The previous owner  must have known about it, and you should have been told.

    It's not a mess, it's a nature reserve.

    Thanks for the advice, we'll definitely leave them on site.  I agree, the seller must have known about it.  Our solicitor's going to try to get him to pay towards the costs of getting it removed professionally. 

    And thanks Sue for the glyphosate tip, it's on my shopping list for this week!  It's encouraging to hear that you got rid of yours, I'll be spraying ours constantly:-;

  • Thanks guys. Can`t get a picture to up load, will goole japanese knot weed and let you know. ; )

  • Yep it IS japanese knot weed. Boohoo!


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