evergreen flowering wall climber

Ive recently purchased a brick build end of terrace. The front (with bay window) is south facing and the gable end is east facing. The gable in particular is rather sparce and I would love to grow something up it. Im probably asking too much, but would prefer an evergreen that flowers. The roots will be in the small front garden.

I like wisteria and Virginia creeper (although they are a bit common) but am unsure what they will look like in the winter. 

Ivy is evergreen but a bit bland?

I imagine I should also give consideration to how invasive they are

I could also try and grow different plants on the front and side. 




Any suggestions? 


  • LiznessLizness Posts: 79

    There is an evrgreen honeysuckle Lonicera Copper Beauty or evergreen clematis (armandii, I think). Not sure of suitability of either, anyone?

  • There's a few evergreen Clematis - mainly Armandii. See http://www.taylorsclematis.co.uk/clematis-evergreen-clematis/


  • addictaddict Posts: 659

    What about Akebia?

  • SunnydayzSunnydayz Posts: 50

    Hi there, there are some lovely different forms of ivy, 'Green Ripple' and 'Pedata' have lovely textures or 'Goldheart' is more vigorous but has splash of bright yellow at centre of each leaf. Ivies are very good for wildlife too you get insects and have had wrens and robins in ours.

    Or what about Trachelospermun jasminoides evergreen,white scented flowers in summer. Is a twining climber so does need support of some kind to twine around.

  • I wouldn't disregard ivy, there are some lovely forms and they are good to attract wildlife. Trachelospermum J's lovely,but a bit tender so I suppose it depends where you live

  • Another one would be Winter Jasmine (Jasminum nudiflorum). Hardy, but needs support

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