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Japanese maple in pest catastrophy

My acer started to bud up and then turn in to full leaf as normal this year and then all the leaves began to wilt and drop it wasn't until i took a closer look that i realised the whole tree (it stands about 3ft by 1.5 ft wide) was absolutely covered hilt to crown in scale bugs.  I quickly turned to a pest spray and removed all the scale bugs with a wet cloth but all the leaves have now dropped and its looking like it does in winter. 

Did i not act quick enough have i lost it ????


  • Is it in a pot?

    It might still be ok - I think it's a case of wait and see - good luck!

  • Luisa-ssLuisa-ss Posts: 13

    Yes its potted in the type of soil it need as i live on heavy clay.

  • OsakazukiOsakazuki Posts: 11

    Japanese Maples have a defence mechanism and sometimes produce a second set of leaves, so like Jess says, it would be worth waiting a while. I hope it's ok.

  • Luisa-ssLuisa-ss Posts: 13

    So okay then fingers crossed your both right and it hasnt carked it!

  • LeggiLeggi Posts: 489

    I noticed these on mine a few weeks ago without knowing what they were. I've just removed them all by making a foam from fairy liquid and water mixed together and using a cloth to wipe them all off. Will this be sufficient or should I be looking in to treating with something stronger? 

    I'll keep an eye out for them now as the Acer is one of my favourites.

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