naked standard rose!

I bought a lovely yellow standard rose last year and to my horror, whilst there are flowers on it, in the last week all the leaves have disappeared.  I have been on a bug hunt and found nothing.  Where have the leaves gone and is the whole rose now a gonner for ever?


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    Can you post a picture please pat?  Click on the little tree above where you type the message and follow the instructions.

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  • image

     sorry not a brilliant pic - hands not very steady now.

    Thanks for your interest

  • I would like some help , I was given a standard rose for my anniversary ,the rose is Ruby Anniversary it looks really health ,then all the flowers and leaves fall off could you please tell me how to treat it and what'swhat's

  • LordswoodLordswood Posts: 59

    My 16 year old climbing rose has suffered the same problem. Apart from a mild case of black spot it started this year very healthy and covered in blooms, but in the last week it has lost most of it's leaves and the remaining flowers look very poorly.

    I'm afraid to say that during the recent very hot dry weather it has not been watered much. As it has always been OK in the past I overlooked it and I suspect this is the cause of it's problem.

    After last night's soaking in the storm I've given it a feed and I'll just have to wait and see if it recovers.


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