Perennial Geraniums.

I have various perennial Geraniums in my borders. This year my favourites, variety unknown, but a lovely purple, have been attacked by a pest. They apppear to be eating the leaves and leave them looking like a lace doily. Help please.



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    This often happens to my geranium Johnson's Blue but not usually the others and I grow at elast a dozen different geraniums.  The thing to do is to cut the entire plant back to about 2 or 3 inches high, scatter on some blood, fish and bone or pelleted chicken manure.  Water if it doesn't rain.

    They'll grow back fine, healthy new foliage in about 3 weeks and you may even get another flush of flowers.

    The Vendée, France
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    My Johnson's blue geranium borders the length of my slate path and this evening I noticed the leaves having been eaten in strips, exactly like a lace doily as Sam F- N said.  We cut them back three weeks ago and there was a lot of new growth and fresh flowers beginning to grow but now they look sad. I am an organic gardener so I'll try the soap spray first.Thanks.

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    Geraniums are suprisingly hardy. As obelixx said - chop, and they'll grow again. I had an abundance of a x oxonianum (pale pink flowers) and I could chop them twice during the growing year to keep the foliage fresh. They blights can be so hardly that when lifting (to reposition, say) yoiu could leave a ready-made root cutting and it'l pop its head up again.


    Soap spray will affect all insects - friendly and not-so-friendly alike. It may be 'organic', but it isn't selective. Spraying when pollinators are not around is a good idea.

  • I have one of these beauties, got it from coblands two year ago, it was a sea of deep blue all last summer, now after the winter its a little pile of straw.  I tried to take cuttings last autumn but it didn't work.  Now I am thinking of dividing but I am a bit scared to harm it as its the only one I have, all others are pink (different variety).

    Any advice?



  • I love hardy geraniums especially with roses. The first plant I grew as a child was a Geranium Johnson's Blue. I now have several varieties and think I'm addicted. A great plant for beginners. Mine didn't die back this winter. Should I cut them back now or wait until April? 

  • Is it a Bill Wallis, very big plant with lots of purple flowers?, There was a thread on here before that I posted on. If it is like that then you can divide it no worries

  • Mine could be a Bill Wallis as its pretty big, with dark divided leaves and lots of purple flowers, but I got it from Coblands as John's Blue, is that a sub division?  I am confused now..

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