Lawn turf and rubble query


I've recently removed the old, rotten decking in my back yard and was hoping to lay some turf down. However, below the decking appears to be at least 8" or more of rubble and hardcore and bits and pieces. I've been looking online at depths needed for top soil etc, and about drainage. There's plenty of drainage, but the gaps are going to mean that top soil on its own is just going to wash away when it gets wet.

I've attached an image, which hopefully will show up, and demonstrate the situation.

If I add a layer of gravel and sharp sand, then lay 6" of topsoil before adding turf, will that be sufficient to stop the soil washing away so my lawn would stay green?



  • auntie bettyauntie betty Posts: 208

    I would have thought so, yes You might even give the gravel a miss and just use sand. It'll fill gaps better. I'd say, get the sand down, give it a month minimum to settle, then lay soil, give that a good month, and then turf come cooler September/October weather. Its mega-frustrating, but I know from experience that its better to take it steady and let what's underneath settle fully before lying turf. Nothing worse than ending up with a bunker in the rough when you wanted the putting green. SO much easier to do it right first time thn to try to reverse-engineer a decent surface. Bx

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