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A rose suitable for filling this gap?

Hi all, I recently moved and have inherited a nice but neglected mature garden. Whilst pruning two shrubs near the house I inadvertently created a gap between them as it turned out that they had grown up and turned back down to fill the gap. When I pruned the tops I cut away all this long growth and so uncovered a big hole! I am new to gardening, not having had much of a garden before so I'm not quite sure how to fill the gap but would love a scented rose. Any suggestions of which variety would be good in a gap of 4ft between two shrubs that are around 6ft high? Thanks!


  • There's a gardening saying 'Growth follows the knife' meaning that when you prune the plant grows back stronger - are you sure you're going to have room for another rose there when those two get going again in the spring?

    Perhaps a smaller spreading perennial that could act as a bit of groundcover between the two would fit the bill?  Possibly a hardy geranium?

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    Hi Lily P had to do a wee double take there? I am often referred to as Lily P

    we will need to take care!!!

    you sound much younger than me tho!

    oh and re the gap how about a smaller shrub rose, that way you can choose how big you want it to be

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    Ah, I didn't realise they might grow outwards. They are already quite tall so I assumed they had reached their full spread outwards if that makes sense. So they'll probably grow and fill the gap? That's great, thank you!
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    Hi Lily,

    Oops sorry I didn't mean to cause confusion! A shrub tose sounds lovely, are their any varieties you'd recommend? Something eas-ish to maintain would be good, as I've never grown roses before.
  • LilyPLilyP Posts: 15
    Sorry I meant to say 'easy-ish'.
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