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Hi everyone! Haven't been on here for a while, but I'm back now, so here goes...

Last week I bought a 164litre Bermuda Sands preformed pond - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bermuda-Sands-Pre-Formed-Garden-Pond-164-litres-/271226096820?pt=UK_HomeGarden_Garden_PondsWaterFeatures_UK&hash=item3f2655ccb4

Basically I was wondering whether it was any good for the wildlife and if its big enough? Also what particular pond plants I should put in it that will attract wlidlife to it?

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  • Hi I bought that exact pond last autumn. to have now got around the pond planted. And got an iris and marsh marigold. You might want to look at my post about it. Only think be careful when filling the soil around the pond as the pond cait loose it's shape. Maybe fill it with water gradually whilst filling in the sides with soil. Good luck image

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     Last autumn. Not looking too good. Will upload a picture of what it looks like now 

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    Hi Ryan, not sure what dimensions that is  in feet and inches etc, but to be honest - any pond will attract wildlife and will be an  asset to your garden. If you can incorporate a slope with gravel or graded sizes of rocks and stones, that will help birds and other creatures get in and out safely. I've not got a pond here, but a while ago we put a little seed tray filled with water and gravel etc near some planting and the birds love it. I hope to put a proper pond in at some time  as I'm used to having one in the houses I've lived in. They're great entertainment.

    Youll need oxygenators to keep the water clear if you're not using a pump,and then it's really a case of buying what you like the look of. Marginals sit on the shelves round the edge as they need shallow water or damp ground, and you might want a small water lily to cover part of the surface as it prevents blanket weed forming - that will go in the deeper part. Some planting beside the pond is important too as it provides cover and shelter. There are lots of articles on wildlife ponds online which you might want to look at- just do a search - as it's a big subject to cover in a single thread here. There are specilist nurseries too which will give you lots of info on plants. Marsh marigolds are great marginals and easy to acquire and also the small flag irises. You can get small equisetums which are vertical 'spikes' and provide a place for dragonflies to emerge.

    Wildlife will start appearing once you get the pond in! Birds will come and bathe and drink very quickly, and you can encourage them by putting a feeder close by.

    I hope you get lots of pleasure from it.image

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    A pond that size needs to be placed in a shaded area for most of the day. For clear water without the aid of pumps, the waters surface area must not be in full sun and if it is, tall planting or surface loving plants will help to act as a barrier.

    The pond is 14inches deep, 33in wide, 50in long. Very small - I'd personally go for a bigger size. 

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    Thankyou all for your responses....

    John - I don't suppose you could direct me to your thread about ponds please? And am also glad someone has bought the same product as me, was it satisfactory? Have you had any time to take a new photo of what the pond looks like now, as I would love something to aspire to image

    Fairy - Thankyou for all the info, will defintiely look into oxygenators and will have a look about wildlife ponds online too.

    Marshmello - Thankyou too for all the info, I shall be planting a Hawthorn hedge near to the pond and a few Delphiniums then, as the hole I have made for it to go in is in full sun. And I know it's a bit small, but the downside is I will have to wait until christmas to get a larger one, so I think I'll stick with this one for now and see how I go, possibly buy a considerably larger one in the near future.

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    http://www.gardenersworld.com/forum/wildlife-gardening/water-plants-for-a-wildlife-pond-/75095.html.     That is the link to my original post about ponds.  Already it is full of insects and the birds and also the cat likes to drink out of it!!

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    John thats absolutely amazing! I love it!  I don't suppose you could name a few of the plants that you have used around it? Just that this is exactly like what I had invisiged that my own pond would look like image Oh and thankyou for the link to your older thread, will take a look at that now.

  • there are a few primulas and an alpine strawberry. I am not sure of the rest sorry! Just plants I have picked up at the garden centres over a few months. When I put the pond in, i did not like it at all. It looked cheap and plasticky. But once I put a few ground cover plants that spread round the edges it looks so much better and more natural. 

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    Wildlife will use any source of water.  I have a belfast sink which was used as a water feature, with a plasterer's bucket hidden underneath acting as a resevoir and containing a small pump which fed an old copper kettle with water running from the spout.  A couple of years ago the pump died and I was going to use the sink as a planter this spring instead.  Until I lifted the sink and found a frog happily swimming in the plasterer's bucket underneath, that is!  Left it as it is for now until I can come up with another more frog-friendy idea!image

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  • We enjoy our nature pond so much made from a preformed pond liner we added 2 more with with one having a water fall to the other, I dont think it matter what you use as long as it holds water and allows frogs and toads to get out, oh and dont forget to make it hedgehog friendly.


     (This is upto yet our 3 year old nature pond and its teaming with life, just waiting for the newts !!!)

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