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Yellow bumps on Tomato leaves



I have a tomato plant, in a pot, that has started to develop some yellow spots on its leaves.  These are bumps, sort of like acne, and the leaves that are affected are wilted.


I've done some googling but nothing really matches up - it's not quite as severe as "spotted wilt virus" - there is no necrosis of the leaves, at this stage.


I've removed the affected branches from the stem, there are a number of branches that are okay at the moment, and the plant is flowering and starting to bear fruit.


Should I quarantine this plant in case it spreads to others?  Although moving it outside will probably condemn it to death in the summer we're having...








  • Lupin 1Lupin 1 Posts: 8,916

    I don't know Duncan but have replied so your post goes back to the top and someone else may be able to help.

  • DMGDMG Posts: 11

    Thank you; I rubbed my hand over the yellow bumps and they sort of 'burst' - I wonder if this helps?

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