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I have planted out some courgette's in a raised bed and now find that the leaves are slowely being eaten one at a time on each plant. I can't see any snail trails or sign of any other bugs. Can any one advise ? It also appears that my pepper plant is also being attacked. Not sure if it is the same thing but two lupins planted next to each other have been affected in a similar way , one is fine the other has been eaten away completely. As you can probably tell I am a complete novice. 


  • It is slugs and or snails definitely-you dont always see trails-use pellets or whatever to stop.

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    Thanks for the quick reply. Do I need to get special slug pellets or are they all veg friendly ? 

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    Its not veg friendly you have to worry about. Try to get the organic slug pellets if you can, containing copper. They are less harmful to hedgehogs etc. The others contain metaldehyde which are harmful to  other animals as well as slugs.  Or you can use slug pubs- a jar of  cheap beer, sunk partway into the ground. The slugs drink themselves to death.image

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  • All veg friendly-but you not need a lot-just a few scattered aboutimage

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    Wow the Beer sounds a good ideaimage Thanks for all your help

  • Has anyone tried the sliced cucumber in tin trays (guessing its the aluminium foil pie dishes) that i've recently read about? Apparently the reaction of the cucumber with the aluminium gives off a chemical that sends slugs scarpering - gonna try it .... slugs will probably eat the cucumber for dessert after tucking into my plants, but anythings worth a try !!!!

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    Can't see why this would work, but anything that helps has got to be good - do tell how you get on frankie - please.

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