To feed or not to feed?

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I've been reading conflicting information. Some expertthat's that clematis are greedy plants and thrive on feeding. Others say don't feed once in flower. What do people think? I have number of plants: Arabella, Rebecca, Abilene, Guernsey Cream. The latter is just coming to the end of a fantastic flowering period. It may flower again.....what do people do to encourage this to happen?


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    Meant to write: some experts say that.......

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    Mine are in 3 huge pots, climbing up a trellis. I top dress and add Growmore in the spring. When they start to actively grow I give a couple of liquid feeds over a month. Once in bud they get a tomato feed and then that's it, other than plenty of water. They are thirsty but terracotta pots do dry out quickly.

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    I mulch with FYM in the autumn, Fish, Blood & Bone in the spring, and then some more feed when they're flowering, to encourage a second flush.  

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    I have a few Group 3 types in pots (Abilene is one) - because they are in pots I use those slow release pellets every year about April and that keeps them fed all season.

    For the ones in the ground I use a Vitax Clematis feed in about April time too.

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    Thanks for the advice, everyone. Any ideas about my Guernsey Cream? I don't know whether to prune it now, to encourage a later pruning.

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    I found this thread while searching for  postings re: clematis Guernsey Cream . I bought this variety last year, and the new leaves are just starting to appear. Although they seem healthy, they are a bronze colour, and photos online seem to show green leaves. Is this a problem or do they change colour at a later stage ? 
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    I don't have that variety but I have three others and they all start off a bronze colour. They quickly turn green. 

    I always think clematis are the quickest plants to get going when spring starts, you can see new growth every day.
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    Thanks autumnglory, it's certainly getting bigger by the day. I was just a little worried about the colour, but you have put my mind at rest  :)
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