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GM seeds

Peat BPeat B Posts: 441

I am getting disturbed by this latest public blether about GM seeds.Whether they are a good thing or a BAD thing, is almost irrelevant. It is never in open discussion that is it morally right for a single firm/corporation/industry to have sole proprietory rights to any seed, and be able to hold the WORLD to ransom.

Monsanto are huge, and still they jealously protect their rights to their GM seeds, proclaiming that they are doing the world a servce, and at the same time being able to charge what they like, to the poorest of countries that perhaps NEED that kind of seed for their very lives.

Monsanto, are much in the news these days, with mostly bad press. I wonder why !  It is definitely not for their benevolence or altruistic deeds.


  • You are probably correct but "organic" food will never feed the planet's growing population. GM is a must, but how it is managed is another question.

  • Peat BPeat B Posts: 441

    Quite ! D'accorde mon ami.

  • Bon... what is it with all the foreign languages tonight ( see evening forkers)

  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 30,003

    We don't need GM foods t feed the planet.  Food productiona nd delivery to where it's needed would go up exponentially if corruption stopped and wars too.  As it is, it is reckoned that 50% of food goes to waste either through bad storage or bad delivery means or bad planning.

    A lot of Monsanto's GM work is directed to making plants such as corn resistant to glyphosate.   There are studies which show the effects of feeding GM corn with this added feature is highly carcinogenic to rats but it also seems that this study was itself suspect.

    A newer study on pigs, however, and by a more reputable laboratory, seems to show they are developing cancers too.  According to my scientists who tell me these things, toxicolgy studies by producer companies only have to be run for 3 months - clearly not long enough to show long term effects of absorption over say 10 years.........

    I will never knowingly eat GM foods.


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  • Peat BPeat B Posts: 441
    Monsanto, is criminal merely for holding the world to ransom with their keeping the 'copyright' and 'patent' to seeds. It is not the GM part of the problem. It is the corporate greed of Monsanto that boils my bladder. Poor dirt farmers all over the world are struggling enough already without a canon being held to their heads from a corporation that has the sole rights to a particular 'right' to seed. It is pure greed and immoral. By 'eck, I can get worked up by this !
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