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Moving fushcias? Is your border still going strong?

Sam 92Sam 92 Posts: 68
Hello everyone, when is the best time to move hardy fushcias I have one deltas Sarah and 2 riccatoni I think they are between 3ft & 7ft? I want to move now but worried as quite frosty lately so was going to leave til March? Regards to cutting lavateras back Is okay to prune back now? Or wait til spring? How's everyones borders doing? I want to cut mine back to get bulbs in but everything still going strong my achilleas,rose's,corespsis,Hollyhocks,rudbeckias,dahlias hydrangeas, lavateras And geraniums all still putting on a good show and plenty new buds waiting to pop out! Thanks Sam


  • I would wait till spring, even hardy fuschias aren't very resilient to cold without a good root system. When you do replant, plant slightly deeper and give a good mulch.

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