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HI I posted a question yesterday it seems to have got lost or was blocked i dont know but here goes

I am reading a book about The 7th Royal dublin fusiliers dose anybody know what a Pugaree worn on a Pith helmet is

First world war



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    James, Googled and found this:

    Pith helmet was covered by white cloth, often with a cloth band (or puggaree) around it, and small holes for ventilation.

    Do like to stick my nose in.image  Probably someone will say that's a load of twaddle.image


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    ...that's interesting Tina, thank you for that... I've not heard of puggaree's before...

    I wonder if James there has a relative who was in the fusiliers from that period...?  if so, I recommend researching via the Ancestry site and National Archives... I found lots of information on my Grandfather [some might think it prying or distasteful, and I wouldn't disagree],... he was in the 3rd Battalion Duke of Cornwall Light Infantry - we're all Cornish... and I was surprised at what I was able to find out, with a little paid for help...     I'm very proud of his achievements and hope that he would not be too put out by my investigations.... you have, there are many books about it, to assist...


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    HI Tina and Salino thankyou for youre replies yes salino my grandfather was a royal dub killed on the 9 /8/1915 his brother killed 10/8/1915 one other brother survived the war he joined up twice dont know whi as i said before i have his war medals and lots of info on there experinces inthe so called great war

    I joined the world war one site lots of help there



  • SalinoSalino Posts: 1,609

    ...fascinating to find out these things isn't it James.. although quite sad in your case, and one following the other like that...   glad you have found an appropriate forumimage

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