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Prayer plant crispy leaves

The wife had this plant for many years and not really done much with it. 

I have trimmed and removed old dead and normally just trim up the crIspy edges of leaves and wipe down. 

But it being a pain keep doing.  It is in the lounge so likely needs more humidity. Maybe need to add water in something to evaporate 


Any suggestions?  Am I doing right? 


  • Easiest is to spray it daily with a hand-held mister.  Also make sure it's not getting too much light - they prefer low light levels.. but that's unlikely to be the problem today! image

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    They like humidity so try it on the bathroom windowsill instead or stand it on a tray of wet pebbles.  To water, rather than give it an occasional dribble, plunge its pot in water till bubbles stop rising then drain till it stops dripping and return to its usual cache-pot.  Do this weekly and it should be fine.

    Have you ever potted it in or refreshed the compost?  Try doing that too and maybe give it a couple of sticks of slow release fertiliser for leafy houseplants.

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  • It was here before I met wife.  It's heavy large plant so can't really move anywhere. 

    But yes likely needs a repot,  maybe in spring


    I'd have to try remember to give a spray. I was going to submerge a container to water to

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