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Alstroemeria in pots

janebaljanebal Posts: 130

I have some lovely alstroemeria  (Indian Summer) in pots and they are still flowering madly.

Should I overwinter them in the green house or can I leave them outside?

I live in the South near the sea so it doesn't get much below - 5 C.



  • I also have several alstroemerias in pots (including Indian Summer) and I put them in my greenhouse last winter, but it was so mild that it probably wasn't necessary. Apparently a degree or two of frost will not harm them, but they will not tolerate anything much colder for any length of time. This winter I am going to leave them outside unless we get some serious cold. The foliage is likely to die back whatever you do but will regrow in spring.

  • janebaljanebal Posts: 130

    Thank you Alan Clark2 (have just seen old footage of the Hollies singing on the TV!) and Verdun. I will leave them outside and put jackets over them if we get real cold.

    Have never grown them before and am impressed by how many flowers they have. They have been blooming since June and the blue foliage of 'Indian Summer' is very attractive.

  • I had 3 9cm pots of these from t & m about 3/4 years ago, they spent the first season in a large pot! I then dug a massive hole and put them all in really deep to avoid the frost. Ever since they have probably been the most successful t & m purchase. Anybody got any advice on dividing? The clump is around 40cm now

  • janebaljanebal Posts: 130

    I also bought my 'Indian Summer' alstroemeria from T and M and agree that they have been the best thing that I have bought from them. Although they were very small plugs when they came in May, they soon grew really big - I just had to keep them away from slugs and snails at first. I am also interested in dividing my pots of Alstroemeria next Spring. I suppose you turn them out of the pots and divide them with a spade?

  • janebaljanebal Posts: 130

    Thanks Verdun. Is that John Innes 3 ? Shall I put grit in too?

  • janebaljanebal Posts: 130
    I too bought 3 small 'Indian Summer' from T and M. Every February I chop them in half with a spade or bread knife and put them in new big pots with John Innes 3, sand, grit and potting compost plus a bit of blood, fish and bone. I now have about 20 pots and have given 6 away. They are flowering outside as I speak. Just need to remind new growers to pull out the old flowered stalks like pulling rhubarb - to stimulate new growth. I also give them a feed of tomato liquid or seaweed in the summer. I put 3 in the ground but they didn't like the dense clay soil and died in the dry summer weather.
    Should have watered them more.
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