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I'm asking for any advice on top of the range roller mowers. Preferably from professionals, but also from home owners if they have them. 

The mowers in question are the:

Hayter 48/56 Pro AD

Lawnflite 553-HRS Pro

Honda HRX476 QX / HRH536 QX

We use the Hayters at work, they cut well in the dry, but don't tend to fill the box and the chute gets blocked if the grass is a little wet. The clutch seems to die after a year or so. So I'm veering away from them. 

I'm looking at the Lawnflite in particular, due to the shaft driven rear roller. Does anyone have any experience or reviews of these mowers.




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    Hi, I use a Honda HRX426QX, the only difference from the 476QX is the cutting width and grass box size.  It's been as reliable as heck!  It's been used  3-4 times a week for the past 2 years and has never failed to start and I've had no problems at all with it.  I also use a Hayter Spirit 41 for smaller gardens but much prefer the Honda.  The Honda is heavier, the auto drive moves at a slower pace than the Hayter but it does a better job and like you said, grass collects at the chute in the Hayter if its a bit wet.  I've had the auto drive replaced on the Hayter as that packed in and also had 2 clutch cables need replacing. I did buy a Hayter Harrier but it went back to dealer 5 times in first few months as it refused to start from warm, fine if it was left to cool down a bit.  In the end I told them I wanted a refund, the mower ended up going back to Hayter head office as there did seem to be a manufacturing issues with that model and I bought the Honda which was £300 dearer but I got what I paid for in the end image

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    As above, Honda for me any day.

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    Thanks, anyone used a Lawnflite?

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    Sorry, not heard of that one...

  • I've used my customer's Honda (476) roller mower on their lawn for about 12 years. About two hours every week from April to October. Starts first pull every spring. I've had it serviced twice and the roller bearings replaced once. Can't really fault it, which is more than I can say for a few others I've used.

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    Honda 535, totally reliable, it did have a recall for a faulty roller clutch, now 10 years old never missed a beat until this year, the ignition coil had failed.

    I do find if the grass is wet or damp it cuts well but struggles to fill the bag to the back.

  • I'm not a professional, but have 3 acres of garden to maintain and found this whilst  googling lawnflite. I have an ancient model which I bought about five years ago for £20, and it has been the most reliable mower I have ever used in 35 years of mowing, including two sit on machines (one brand-new bought 2 years ago) and a self propelled Wolf which knackers me just starting it up. The lawnflite has always got me out of the mess the others leave me in, and am now looking to replace it as it really is beyond me to keep it going much longer, though the engine still starts perfectly.  I would also be interested in hearing any feedback about newer lawnflite models

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    I have never used a Hayter mower but other professional users tell me there the bee's knee's Leicester Gardening

  • yeah i heard this too- gardening services leicester

  • JordyJordy Posts: 7

    yeah i heard that too - Leicester Gardening

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