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Fuchsia plants

l have been given some fuchsia plants that have been in a garden all summer, but I don't know if they are hardy plants or need to be taken into the greenhouse? 

Is there anyway I can tell the difference between them as I don't want to loose them and I don't have a very big area to over winter plants.

 Many thanks for the help and advice.


  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,358

    are there any flowers left and can you post a photo?

    The large fancy flowered ones are generally not hardy

    In the sticks near Peterborough
  • You can over winter them by covering them to protect from frost. I have many fuchsia plants that were cuttings that I had been given. I planted them and I left them in the garden after the leaves died off They had hardened off and they grow every year without fail. If the roots are nicely in the soil they will usually survive the cold

    Jolly G

  • nodlisabnodlisab Posts: 411

    There are not that many hardy ones so I would get them in the greenhouse if possible.

    Trim any long roots a bit,remove any flowers and leaves and cut back the plant by about a third. If you can keep them above 5 degrees they will put on some growth over winter giving you a good start for next year.

  • Thank you for all the replies.... I think I would be wise to put them all  somewhere to be protected from the frost..... in reply to nutcutlet I have already cut the flowers and stalks back so am unable to send photos, but thanks for telling me about the larger flowers.

     Hopefully I will have some good plants for next year.

  • its a shame you cut them back so soon as you could of done some cuttings .. there so easy all you do is find a good shoot and stick them in some compost and within a few days they've took  never mind good luck for next year image

  • to annmarie 2

    I have taken some cuttings and they seem to be doing OK thanks so I hope that they survive the winter in the green house along with the parent plants.

  • i have a huge one that lives outdoors all year. seems to be ok and still has some flowers


    and i have taken some cuttings easily this year

  • imageI put a couple of my cuttings would you believe with my wisteria as I have them in large pots and there stil flowering  great isn't bonsi- marc , I glad you took cuttings Christine I wouldn't worry they survive any weather and there so many different varienties and colours I manage to get a giant white one this year

  • Sounds Like I should be OK with what I am doing...... thanks to everyone for your comments. 

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