Green manure question

Hi everyone,

New to this forum as I have recently taken over my folks' considerable veggy garden. All going well but wanted to avoid farmyard manure as my two young dogs would just view it as a free buffet!! Seems to be only good things said about green manure, so am after some recommendations for the following areas:

1) Fallow area for 12 months, to be followed by broad/runner beans.

2) Over autumn/winter after beans, to be followed by brassicas.

3) Over autumn/winter after potatoes/sweetcorn, to be followed by onion crops.

Soil is clay dominant, some areas worse than others.

Thanks in advance.



  • Phacelia.  Was a which best green manure some time ago, and has the added benefit of attracting bees to help pollinate plants.

    The farmyard stuff needs to be well-rotted, by which time it will have lost it's attraction for your dogs, getting it whilst it's still palatable for them to eat or wear will scorch any veggies.  FYM is also the only thing that you can add over winter, as I don't think green manure would grow - there may be something that will do the job, I'm not an expert on green manure.  Try digging in some sharp sand or grit into the areas that are more clay-like to improve drainage.

    The other thing you could try is pelleted chicken manure, but that might also be attractive to the dogs, I know mine is very interested when I'm adding blood, fish & bone to the soil.

    If your dogs are interested in the FYM, then it's not rotted down enough!

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