Chilli peppers!!!

Hi all,

I have a question regarding repotting of chilli plants, I have raised my plant from seed planted in March it has since flourished and has been repotted 3 times to its current ten inch pot (repotted one week ago) however it has roots coming through the bottom already. It is starting to flower and I am providing a weekly liquid feed with seaweed extract. Surely I do not need to re pot again, all help would be greatly appreciated as I am new to the world of growing fruit and veg


Thanks in advance.


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    Hi Lee, I'm growing chillis as well and my final pot size is 7" and they seem to do ok.  They are in very free draining potting mix and are treated 'mean', not fed too often and kept on the dry side.

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    Depends on the variety, lee. Some grow into sizeable plants, some stay on the small side. Yours could be the former requiring more growing space. What variety is it?

    Agree with Paula about the care, too. Less is better. It will cost you fruit. Very much like tomatoes.

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    Just potting on my chillis from 7" to bigger today as recommended

  • My jalapeno chilli plant, wich I'm growing on the kitchen windowsill is doing well and looks healthy, but the flowers, along with the stems are dropping off with no sign of any fruit. Anyone know where I'm going wrong?

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    Is it getting enough sunlight? And how often are you watering and fertilising? Too much water and fertiliser can cause the flowers to drop.

    At the same time, flowers will also drop if they haven't been pollinated. Outdoors, insect activity can help the pollination process. Not that chillies need cross pollination, they're self-pollinating, but the insects foraging in the flowers can stimulate the flowers' internal mechanisms.

    Inside, you can emulate that activity by either brushing the flowers with your hand or giving them a gentle flick with your fingers.

  • Sorry for my late reply Italophile, I picked the seeds up from a local supermarket and it only gives the variety as hot pepper. She has now grown to over 2ft tall and the roots haven't grown outside the bottom of the pot and has two healthy looking flowers with more buds bursting to open!!! I provide a liquid feed once a week and hold back on the water as suggested, I've only been growing my own veggies for 3 months and already addicted now to solve my slug and snail problem haha....image

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    lee, is it developing a bushy structure or growing straight up? I suspect the latter. In which case it is probably going to grow to 4 feet or more. It needs a bigger pot - as the roots growing out the bottom indicate. What size is the current pot?

    Once a week is too much fertiliser. It could explain the flowers dropping. Cut it back to once a month. Chillies - and tomatoes - thrive on "controlled neglect".

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    So jealous of these big chilli plants. I have several pepper plants that are ok size but my chillis are only 1 inch tall smallest and 4 inches tall , planted in March took around 2 weeks to just over a month to germinate in the warm airing cupboard only potted on once.

    They are called jacobs coat chilli but cannot find any info on the net on this variety, supposed to be varying colours of the rainbow am beginning to think will have to over winter and wait for next year to get a single chilli pepper . If i had known they were this slow would of planted all ten seed not just 5.

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    min, chillies can take a while to germinate, longer than tomatoes. Give them as much sunlight and warmth as you can.

    In the meantime, here's a photo of what you can expect:



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    Thats what my chilli should look like Italophile , i think that was the pic i saw when i bought them , been in the living room window a couple of months now maybe mine will look like the pic next year.

  • Surely you need the plants be be pollinated before fruit / chilli's will be produced?

    Place them outside and I'm sure something will pollinate it 

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