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I have a lovely Philadelphus that was planted years ago.I haven't a clue which one it is but the scent when it flowers is bliss.Thinking i'd like to smell that every time i came to the front door i bought a small Philadelphus which has now produced some lovely flowers..but they're not scented.

Can anyone advise?I'd love a scented one but i'm afraid i assumed they were all scented.Which one should i have got?




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    Hi Klink, see following site, big selection


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    And if you are near Pershore College when the Philadelphus are in flower gp and look at the National Collection of them in theCollege grounds. Never mind just looking, smell them too.

    Must admit I have never come across a scentless one beofre. The dozen we have are all well smelly, even the doubles.

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    Thanks for your replies.Not sure i agree with you totally there Verdun.They do have pretty flowers but yeah,why call them mock orange when the name itself suggests fragrance,hmm..  Anyway,I shall take note of the suggested scented ones and hunt them out.


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    Verd I assumed you were always fragrant...image

    Years ago I bought Manteau d'Hermine (hope that's right) and it was disappointingly non fragrant though it was meant to be May be it just didn't like me. image

    They're not the most exciting plants otherwise so I'd have to agree with you that they don't really earn their keep if they've got no scent.

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    The annoying thing is that M d'H is touted as being very fragrant so I thought it was just me. B.Etoile might be common Verd but what does it matter if it has the scent. I feel the same about Buddleias. Almost weeds but the scent and the butterflies make it a must. There's an old horsey phrase -  'andsome is as 'andsome does- meaning if it works it doesn't have to be beautiful!

    I might get Belle Etoile now that you've brought that up!image

    to walk through a forest is to touch the past

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    I have a large flowered single one called 'Snow Queen' supposed to be scented - beautiful flowers but very little scent. It's flowering better than it ever has at the moment.

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