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Cabbage Bolting

For a change this year thought I would try Chinese Cabbage & Pac Choi both germinated really well where they would grow, kept them well watered and started to have amazing results (plenty of growth) then yesterday I noticed that they had bolted and set seed, I planted them out later as the ground wasn't that warm, but the last three weeks have been extremely warm up here with little or no rain hence the watering.

Has anyone else had this problm with them bolting? my mate in the next garden recons they went in to early and maybe try them again in July or August as they are very fast growers, I checked out some books and they said sow later than the packet says.


  • Yep!

    Exactly the same here in Essex, just thrown them and their pretty yellow flowers on the compost. Had a few really hot days which set them off I think. I will try again later in the year.

  • Hi Stephanie

    Thought I was the only person with this problem, Yes that's where mine went minus the roots as not sure if they had a bit of club root image but I will not give up will give them another chance, keep you informed of my progress 

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