Fatsia 'Spider's Web'

Hi All,

I have a young Fatsia Japonica which I think is the variety 'Spider's Web'. I bought it last autumn and the young leaves were mostly cream with green, now the new spring growth has arrived the leaves have reverted to green even as they have matured. I have it in a sunny position and am wondering is this a light issue (should I put it more in the shade), or do I need to cut out the green as you do with a lot of other variegated plants?


  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 24,037

    Variegated shrubs often need the reverted green stems removed. I don't know this one but beware of those that start green and then develop variegation, don't cut til you're sure.

  • Thanks nutcutlet, will have to wait awhile then. If anybody else is an expert on the variegated fatsia, all replies would be welcome.

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