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Sambucca Parasitic Growth

I have what looks like a freebooting plant growing in several places on a large Sambucca Negra bush. The Sambucca is about ten foot and looks healthy enough everywhere a else, but in three parts of one branch there seems to be another plant growing, with a thick base at places about an inch wide, tapering upwards about six inches with green rather than black leaves. Can anybody tell me what it is and wether if I leave it will it turn out "pretty" or will it damage what is a very healthy host?


  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 26,985

    It's likely to be common elder. All those cultivars are developed from that and have a tendency to revert. Cut out the green, it will grow faster than the black and the black will disappear. 

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  • GeesterGeester Posts: 2


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