Victoria Plum

As this is the third year running my five year old victoria plum has had blossom  but no fruit should I remove this tree or is there any hope ?


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    If it has blossom but no fruit then you have a problem with pollination.   Victoria is self fertile so you odn't need another plum in the vicinity but you do need insects to pollinate it.

    Try underplanting with spring flowers such as pulmonaria, primulas, aquilegias, late daffodils that will flower around the same time and attract beneficial insects such as bees that will also visit your plum blossom and do the job.

    This spring has been very cold so there haven't been many insects about to do the job and there are worries that there will be low fruit yields this year as a result of non pollination.




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  • that makes sense I have noticed a lack of bees and butterflies in the garden this year.  Strangely the other plum tree in the garden, although younger, has got fruit on it !

    Appreciate your advice

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