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Lleylandii hedge needles


Having taken down a 30 year old, 8 ft high, 10 foot depth and 100 foot wide lleylandii hedge I am now left with umpteen heaps of needles from underneath. Can I compost these to use in my rhododendron bed or do I need to dispose of them completely as I think they are too acidic to use in the veg patch. 

Regards Terry


  • Conifer needles make very good compost. That is the only good use for leylandii!

  • As Alan says, they will be fine once composted.  They are only acidic while actually rotting down.  Once fully broken down in the heap, the compost will be neutral.  Mix them with 20-25% soft green stuff (eg grass clippings) to make the perfect ratio which will accelerate the composting process but the downside is that they may take up to a couple of years to rot down fully.

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  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 34,051

    basically ,anything which has ever been alive, can be composted. I'd have no trouble adding Leylandii to my compost bins.

  • TerryRTerryR Posts: 33

    Thank you for all your replies, will start filling the compost bins today!!

    Cheers Terry

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