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Glyphosate Concentrations

Hi All

Wondering if anyone out there knows anything about the concentration of Glyphosate Weedkiller.  I recently bought some of the sachets you dissolve in a litre of water, and apply with a sprayer/watering can.  They were an Amazon lightning deal (and I had some leftover vouchers, so didn't cost very much), what I'd like to know is, can I add more sachets to water to make the stuff more concentrated ?  Will the resulting stuff work better on my brambles?  Or would I just be wasting my money by making the mixture stronger?

Anyone know?


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    I'm sure that years ago someone - it might have been Geoff H - said that you could add some wallpaper paste to the solution to create a jelly-like consistency that you could paint on - has anyone ever tried it?

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    Dove, not done that but I have mixed Root Out into a paste, instead of drilling holes in tree / bush stump and pasted that on, it worked a lot faster than putting dry powder into holes. 

  • Thanks all.  Being as it's mostly brambles and bindweed I'm dealing with, double strength it is.  Think I will only try 3 litres to start with, don't want to be using up all of my sachets at once, as I know I'll have to re-apply it at some point, done a load of grass that's not worth trying to save, as it's got thistles, cleavers and other stuff I'm not sure what it is (got very tiny yellow flowers), plus a very pretty weed that has leaves that look a bit like a cross between an acer and a tomato, with little purple flowers, it's not got massive roots, but breaks off at the top when trying to pull it out, and it's back nearly as badly next week.

    So will see how the grass fares at single strength, and give the tough stuff a go at double strength.  Just need to wait for a 7 hour dry 'window' so I don't completely waste the stuff.  Suppose as long as it's wet it's fairly easy to dig out the bramble roots with the stuff I've chopped the head off of!  At least when it does grow back it'll be smaller and not need as much squirting at it.  Just waiting for the neighbours to section me, as I wander round the garden, muttering, then start talking to the brambles telling them they are the weed of Satan and to die.  All I need now is to win tonights Euromillions and then I can be eccentric instead of plain barmy.

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    Yes Verd it was me who said Resolva seem to be more effective. We had terrible problems with an infestation of willow herb in a wild area at last house that had got out of control. We sprayed initially when it was 2'/3' high which killed it and then we used a combination of mower and resolva when it came back up  to keep on top of it. Some of the ground was quite unstable as it was next to the spring so we couldn't mow every bit. I used Resolva here for the driveway as I'd tried Roundup and it really wasn't effective. By the time it started to work the flowers were already able to come through and setting seed!

    MMP - I hope you get on top of it before the neighbours send  the men in white coats for you! At least the brambles aren't too deep rooted so you can get them out relatively easily once you get rid of the top growth. Don't envy you though image

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  • Verdun, the brambles are in clumps, with lots of the top growth interlacing with the clumps next to it,, so using a mower or a strimmer would be too much faffing, the brambles are taller than I am, so what I've been doing is chopping off the top growth, leaving about a foot of stems, so I can see where I need to dig, and I've been pulling out bits of bramble that must be at least 18 feet long.  So using a mower would be a complete non-starter, and I'd be forever sorting out the strimmer line as I've not got the brush cutting tool I'd need.  So really the easiest way for me to deal with it, is use the loppers to chop the stuff down, dig out what I can, and blast the bindweed and any bramble re-growth with high strength glyphosate.  One of the reasons I bought the sachets is so that it's 'fresh', and I can increase the concentration for the really cussed stubborn stuff, like the bindweed and bramble.

    There's 10 years of neglect over there, so it's going to be a while before I win, but I'm more stubborn than the weeds, so I'll win (eventually!).

    Fairygirl, I think the neighbours just roll their eyes and thank goodness I've not erected stonehenge in my back garden, and am classed as 'mostly harmless'.  Now I've got the tough touch gauntlets I'm well on my way, I can tackle them without getting scratched to bits, and there's something very satisfying about the steady chop, drag, shred/burn (depending on age of bramble and green bin capacity).  The other plus is that it's too wild for the little ones to be out in, so I don't get the constant 'Muuuuuuuum I need XYZ'.  OH gets that, so I get earache about it when I eventually go back over the road!  I also don't know what I'm going to unearth, so far I've found the chopped-off back end of a mk2 escort, a sierra that the brambles have fast in their cluches (can't get inside it to cut them off at the base), and have freed most of a complete mk2 Escort.  When OH has cut them into bits and put them on Ebay, hopefully I'll have enough money for a shed.  Which OH won't be allowed anywhere near, when I bought a tool store, when I went to get some stuff out it was full of safety glass for one of his 'projects'.  He did shift it, though, when I threatened to put my tools in there through the glass - he knows I'm stubborn enough to do it.  So my shed will be a bloke-free zone - I'll also be able to find my stuff, as it will be put back properly, not 'borrowed' and left out or chucked in haphazardly.

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