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Hi there guys,thanks to you all and your advice have been pretty much in control of this years garden,however I have or did have the most magnificant Kingdom of Heaven tree in my front garden,I noticed last year it took a time to come into leaf and when it did it was late and did'nt last long?? This year it just looks dead although there are a few tiny leaves coming on.My immediate neighbor's is in full leaf?? There are lots of little off shoots growing every where in the lawn which I just mow over,so whats the verdict?? I love this tree but it's looking pretty rediculous right now.Sorry don't know the correct name for this tree but sure you know what I mean.


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    I think that you maybe talking about Ailanthus altissima. If you are, this is known in London as the tree of hell since it is almost impossible to get rid of it hence you have lots of shoots growing everywhere. If you really want this tree, just let one of the shoots grow, or try cutting the dead bits out of yours.

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    Wow,hope were talking about the same tree here?? it has when healthy some lovely red feathered blooms,well maybe not feathered but cone shaped and bright red.Looks so pretty,will try and get picture on here so you can see but not good at this sort of thing so may not work for me,sorry a num nuts at computers.I did dig out a very large shoot about 4' high and another one only about a foot high,both really healthy but in the wrong place.If it is the same tree,I can imagine in London must be a nightmare however I live in the country surrounded by fields so a few extra trees not too much of a problem,just don't want a forest of this type in my front gardenimage just the one.Tina

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