My rocket plants have done really well so far this season but are now flowering. Are the leaves still nice to eat after flowering? Should I remove the flowers and just keep the plants going to prolong cropping- or compost the lot and start again?


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    You can eat the flowers but the leaves start to get tough.   chuck it on the compost heap and start a fresh batch every two to three  weeks to keep fresh  new leaves throught the season.

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    OK. Thank you, fidgetbones!

  • Keep a few so that you can decorate your salads with the tips of the flowers. still tender and pretty too.

  • MaggieLMaggieL Posts: 20

    Thanks for that too.


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    I grow wild rocket and it's the gift that keeps on giving! It's never died despite the bad winters and since I first sowed it 2 years ago it's been perennial and I just split it. Use tons of it as it grows like mad in the pots and troughs it's in. Tough as old boots! image

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  • I've noticed wild rocket coming p again and again each year, delighted by this perennial salad crop until i tasted it! So hot and peppery I thought I'd mistaken rocket for something poisonous!

    My advice- taste it- if it;s good to use, then you're blessed, if not, compost it.

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    I love it especially as lettuce tends to have so little flavour! Must admit though, it's gone a bit rampant now and some of it is starting to flower so I've decided to start a new lot and just plant this out in a border for the insects!

    to walk through a forest is to touch the past

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