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Unidentified plant

Hello , sorry if this is in the wrong section, but I saw this in my garden and I don't know what it is.


 It has a really tight curl to the stem like a pigs tail 

any help would be appreciated


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,695

    Seed pod from a cyclamen?

    After the flower is fertilised, the stem curls to plant the pod in the soil.

  • XX Posts: 707

    Think you're right Fidget, looks very much like a cyclamen seed pod image

  • Ahh now I remember it was a Mother's Day gift from the kids and it was on kitchin window sill. We had a kitchin refit it was "in the way" I rescued it and stuck in the ground to live another day. Thank you for quick reply it was puzzling me, i was waiting for it to flower. I love gardening but have a lousy memory .

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