Begonia Glowing Embers Propagation and Care

My wife just bought a lovely Begonia 'Glowing Embers' and I was wondering how to propagate it as I read that it was and annual but I was a bit unsure as to the truthfulness of that bit of info. Also how do I care for it and bring it through the winter if it's not an annual. I could find some space in my unheated carnivorous plant greenhouse.


  • rosytoesrosytoes Posts: 10

    I have taken them indoors Richard and treated them like house plants they flowered for long while then went straggly  but had extended enjoyment out of them .

    I just hate throwing them away when summer over so best comes indoors.

    I have a small begonia red/orange tubular shape flower long narrow drk grn leaves no name on tag any ideas as to its name,havent seen this variety before very pretty tag says for garden so it will stay in pot and come indoors end  of summer



  • Can I take cuttings of the begonia glowing Embers, it's glowed all summer it seems a shame to throw it away! Any ideas or suggestions gratefully received.


  • please tell me how to propogate glowing embers - thank you 

  • ladygardener2ladygardener2 Posts: 340

    From what I've read, it is an annual and does not make a corm like other Begonia. That said, I've overwintered the bedding Begonia in the past because they were a gift and they came through and flowered well the following year. I'll be trying the same thing with mine, bring inside when the frost arrives or when it gets really cold and the plant does'nt produce more flowers.I cut them back so to reduce stress on the plant but leave about 10cm or so of stems. Watered  sparsely over the winter and keep frost free with as much light as possible. 

    If anyone knows a better way then so much the better.

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